Landscapes Landscapes Untitled Done on commission for Debra V, a gift for her parents. 169188425 Alien Landscape Owned by Bryan M. 169188426 BC Landscape 169188428 Frosted Tree At Last Light Owned by Audrey M. 169188429 Path In Bamboo Forest 169188430 SK Landscape 172350709 Living Skies Donated: All proceeds from sale at auction given to Hanna's Gala (Moose Jaw, SK) 180010316 Learning What Tranquility Means 197946757 Alone In A Crowd 197946758 SK Sunset 197946759 Beautiful Day 197946760 Through The Trees 197946761 Harvest Moon 197946762 Change Is Good Owned by Jackie S. 197946763 Milky Way 200605879 Clearing 200605880